Hygiene Hub Stations

Hygiene Hub Stations

Garden Beats Festival 2020 is set to run as planned on Saturday, 29 February and to ensure the safety of our festival-goers in light of the coronavirus, we are monitoring the DORSCON alert levels issued by the Ministry of Health, Singapore very closely.

As recommended by the Ministry we are implementing the following safety and health measures:

Hygiene Hub stations will be set-up across the festival grounds. These stations will include anti-bacterial wipes, anti-bacterial foam, and clean and tidy hygienic waste disposal cans.
- Ensuring that event venues are ventilated and are adequately equipped with facilities for hand washing
- Increasing the frequency of cleaning of commonly used areas replenishing washrooms and Hygiene Hub stations
- Pre-registration information requirement checks will be implemented

DISCLAIMER (As directed by MOH):
- Individuals who are unwell should not attend. They should avoid public spaces and contact with others, and instead seek medical attention. Any staff or participant who becomes unwell during the event should leave immediately to seek appropriate medical attention.
- Individuals placed on LOA should not attend events. They are strongly advised to remain at home and minimise their time spent in public spaces.
- Individuals with recent travel history to mainland China, in particular Hubei province, within the last 14 days should not attend.
- Individuals should remain vigilant and practise good personal hygiene, such as washing their hands regularly and avoiding touching their face.
- Avoid shaking hands with other event participants, and consider adopting alternative greetings.
- Individuals who are well do not need to wear masks. The virus can only spread by droplets. The virus does not go into the air. You cannot breathe it in.

For further information or enquiries please contact us at health@gardenbeats.com.

For the latest information on the 2019 novel coronavirus situation, please visit the Singapore Ministry of Health website at www.moh.gov.sg.