Official Carbon-Neutral Partner - Environmental Solutions Asia

Official Carbon-Neutral Partner - Environmental Solutions Asia

With the unwavering support of Environmental Solutions (Asia), Garden Beats has strengthened its identity as the first carbon-neutral festival in Singapore. ESA ensures zero-carbon footprint from electricity consumption, travel, logistics and more by offering the benefit of carbon-offsets.


ESA calculates all of Garden Beats’ carbon and environmental-related footprint from all sources, big or small — from generators that keep our festivals lit, to airplanes to fly your favourite artists in. They recommend steps we can undertake to offset our carbon footprint, for example, by planting a specific number of trees.


Environmental Solutions Asia is a sustainability company that provides waste management solutions as an alternative to mining diverting more than 20,000MT away from our landfill at Pulau Semakau. They also provide carbon offsets for businesses and individuals (coming soon) so that we can all live more sustainability and be socially responsible.


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