Single-Use Plastic Ban

Single-Use Plastic Ban

The saddest thing to see at or after a music festival, is the amount of litter left behind. And amongst the litter, one of the common items spotted are plastic cups. Single-Use Plastic Cups. 

We hope to fight this tragedy by implementing a Single-Use Plastic ban at Garden Beats this year, and while we enjoy ourselves, this is one of the significant ways we come together to make a difference. By just bringing your own cup or renting one from us, it is one step you take to generate less waste, and it is a step we take together as a whole. Multiple cups are being used just by one individual, and by eliminating that, think about how much we are saving together. 

For Garden Beats 2020, every Garden Groupie has the option of either bringing their own cup or renting one from us. Without a cup, we won’t be able to serve you. The recommended cup size to bring will be 14 ounce (414 ml) and we prefer cups made up of reusable material. (No glass though due to safety reasons). If you do bring a bigger cup, that is fine too but your drinks will be served with a little space at the top. 

Bring your cup, wherever you go and together, let’s make a difference. We believe a festival can and should impact your path in life, so why not start by joining us in making a difference at Garden Beats 2020.