Thesparkleffect - Official Glitter

Thesparkleffect - Official Glitter

When you think of festival fashion, you think “glitter”! 


As pretty as it all may seem, most of us are unaware of the damage and impact common plastic glitter has on our environment and wildlife. Common glitter is made from plastic sheets and used in a wide array of products. When washed down the drain, glitter becomes a subset of marine plastic litter known as micro-plastic. Micro-plastic is found throughout the world’s oceans, from the surface to the deep sea.


This year at Garden Beats, we are proud to include Thesparkleffect, founded by Kelly and Arianne. The duo observed the excessive amount of plastic glitter used at events in Lisbon, after which they conducted a market study. They discovered that no local brand of biodegradable glitter existed in Portugal and made the decision to kickstart their own brand with an innovative twist. They combined glitter with a cool accessory with the goal of making biodegradable sparkles a conscious fashion statement, in hopes that this increases discussion and awareness on the harmful consequences plastic glitter has on our planet.


Beyond simply creating a brand, they wanted this idea to turn into a movement. They breathed life into #thesparkleffect movement with the mission to spread eco-sparkle happiness, while raising environmental consciousness. Their cosmetic glitter is from Bioglitter™, which is made out of plant cellulose, derived predominantly from eucalyptus trees, making the product biodegradable, vegan and marine-friendly. Thesparkleffect now gives everyone the chance to glam up responsibly and consciously!