Pier Alessio Rizzardi

Pier Alessio Rizzardi


Pier Alessio Rizzardi

Art Lane


Pier Alessio Rizzardi is the founder of the TCA Think Tank, a multidisciplinary practice based in Singapore, creating art installations, architecture, and cultural analysis. 

This year at Garden Beats, the light installation designed meticulously by TCA Think Tank, uses upcycled materials from its previous works for the Urban design Festival at Singapore Design Week, Exhibitions at Stamford Arts center, and pop up installation for music events around Singapore.



Initially proposed as an installation for Art Lane, we were so blown away by LightinWaves that we decided it would be a perfect fit for our all-new Sunshine Stage. The concept is now being adapted for the side stage, which is making its debut this February! 

LightinWaves is composed of rattan canes woven into a structure that evades from mere structural principles to pursue ephemerality and evoke surreal perceptions from its visitors. The spatial complexity of it evolves with the exploration from inside and around the perimeter. The shape and perspective of this installation changes with each step of the viewer, making it a surreal and unbelievable experience. 

When the night comes, the structure itself fades into the darkness and environment of the festival, blending acoustic vibration into space, and lights into sound waves, bringing forward the visual complexity with an illusion of infinity.