Samantha Lim

Samantha Lim


Samantha Lim

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With a Diploma in Apparel Design and Merchandising, Samantha is a young budding artist interested in set design and material experimentation. Her works were products of her ongoing quest in understanding the stimuli in her and around her, and finding equilibrium in all.

"SPASMODE" is a collaboration between two designers, Samantha Lim and Tan Evin, of different disciplines. The Spasmode collective promotes acceptance through enhancing one's cognitive capacities by being hyper aware of one's current reality.




About distorted and disproportionate realities. Inspired by surrealism, Mode:00 aimed to immerse our audiences into a realm that would provoke their cognitive process through evoking their senses. This collection has been classified as an archive, as it allowed us to embark on a journey of exploration, acceptance and understanding.

The foam props are made by Samantha, for a previous booth installation Spasmode had for mode:00