Garden Beats 2019

Craft Workshops by Murallingo


Craft Workshops by Murallingo

Conscious Fields, 1.00 pm

Stencil Workshop for tote bags
‘Stencil Art with old cardboards’ encourages the use of unwanted cardboard to create stencil paintings with Garden Beats design elements. Stencil making is a popular technique in modern street art and this a great way to be introduced to spray street art, “get your hands on the cans” and take home some self-made artwork.

Drawing with natural pigments
The objective of the natural pigment making workshop is to be curious about nature and learn the ancient ways of creating various color pigments using what is around us. Participants will learn how to extract raw pigments/dyes from various fruits, plants and foliage to create watercolor paints.

Live Mural Painting
Often, live painting at events are made to seem distant, drawing a line between artist and the public; represented by a wall of paint cans. When we invite someone from the other side to join us, it becomes a social event. People chat to break the ice while painting adjacent sections; for that moment, we are on the same side of the same wall.