Garden Beats 2019




Garden Beats Stage, 2.00 pm

Founder and Artistic Director of Fat Fish Familia, Orio Leshem originally from the homeland of Israel is known to host outrageous one-of-a-kind events that contributes to the life of a strong growing music culture throughout Singapore and the East.

His talent for setting a night's tone reflects on his special tastes of eclectic influences from world sounds of disco-funk, tribe and jungle coupled with uplifting all kind of House music with 80's & 90's flavours.

With Orio's desire to share music and love with the world, his contagious charisma and magnetic energy sets a pace that is known to be exciting and relatable to many. His innate ability to create a raw and authentic vibe with the crowd and enabling the feeling of freedom, is all a part of his magic.

Orio's character is displayed through his choice of music and inevitably fills the room on any occasion with light and joy through the likes of his surrealist vision. Over the years he has successfully created an array of event lineups that have included international top acts such as the team of Louie Vega, crew love, wolf + lamb, Nick Monaco, Red Axes, Jayda g,  Eli Escobar & many more. 

His more recognized line of events include, 'Delirious', 'The Island Party', 'The Lost Boys' and 'Strawberry Space'. Orio, more recently has opened for the world renowned bands Soul Clap, Gipsy Kings, Jungle, Brand new heavy, Incognito and will continue to move forward with various top industry performers in 2019.