Garden Beats 2019

Sustainable Fashion


Sustainable Fashion

Conscious Fields, 3.00 pm

How to be fashionably sustainable?
In this panel fashion experts and eco warriors address what sustainable fashion means and why it matters. Find out what you can do and how you can recycle and upcycle you favourite pieces.

Laura Franscois - Fashion Revolution 
A community engager, storyteller and social impact strategist with over 10 years working in the impact space, Laura focus on collaboratively designing inclusive ways of making sustainable change. With a background in circular systems, sustainable design and the creative arts, she challenge others to think holistically about social change. She's also the Singapore lead for Fashion Revolution.

Fashion Revolution


Raye Padit - The Fashion Pulpit, Connected Threads Asia 
Raye's journey to bring awareness to sustainable fashion began when he realised that clothes were being thrown away as fast as they were made. As an alternative for consumers he founded The Fashion Pulpit, Singapore's first permanant clothes swapping and upcyling space. Raye, hopes that in the near future the movement will be self-sustained by all stakeholders in the fashion industry. 

Connected Threads Asia