Garden Beats 2019

Vegan Plant Based


Vegan Plant Based

Conscious Fields, 2.00 pm

Conscious eating & why join the plant-based revolution

What is the true cost of our food choices? Can we make a positive difference by eating for a healthy planet? The talk explores what conscious eating means and explains what the true costs of our plates are. Join the talk to learn how you can contribute to a better and greener world with every bite. 



Rebecca Capelli - Let Us Be Heroes
Rebecca Cappelli decided to quit a successful career to work in non-profit. A public speaker and filmmaker of Let us be Heroes, she delivers talks for free to help people adopt a healthy and responsible lifestyle, and become a line of defense for the planet and the animals.

Let Us Be Heros



Vikas Garg - abillionVeg
Vikas Garg is the Founder and CEO of abillionVeg (ABV), a consumer internet and social media company founded in 2017, serving a conscious movement globally towards plant-based alternatives. Prior to launching ABV, Vikas spent 15 years in finance as an investment analyst, portfolio manager and fund manager for firms including CSFB, CalPERS, Dymon Asia Capital, and 1/0 Capital. Vikas is involved with minority education initiatives and animal welfare programs around the world. He graduated from Emory University in Atlanta and currently resides in Singapore with his wife and dog.