Official Eco-Friendly Drinking Water - Alkaline Footprint Water

As part of the eco-initiatives presented by Garden Beats, we've partnered up with Alkaline Footprint Water to bring eco-friendly drinking water to the festival.

How did it all start?

'In 2015, when our managing director took a trip to Maldives, he saw excessive plastic wastes, especially single-use plastic bottles, and he was stricken by the undesirable amount of trash on this island. That was his inspiration and determine to contribute in a small effort to reduce the use of single-use plastic bottle, thus Footprints was born. We started to plan this boxed water concept because he wanted to have a product which can help to lessen single-use plastic bottle to reduce waste level, particularly into our seas. Australian Fruit Juice decided to produce boxed water as we wanted to offer a drinking water in a more eco-friendly packaging.  

We may not have the complete solutions and methods but willing to start and learn in progress.  Each single-use plastic bottle lesser into our landfill and sea is consider a step towards better our living environment as we definitely never expect to replace the bottled water suppliers.' 

What is the materials of the item made from? And how is it more eco-friendly as compared to bottled water?

The materials are made mainly from paper which are FSC Certified, which means material are sourced and harvested responsibly from well managed forests under the care of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). FSC promote the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide and care of the world’s forests. Footprints water is eco-friendly compared to PET bottled water as plastic uses petrochemical which require fossil fuels, whereby cartons uses renewable source paper from FSC certified source. In addition, it uses less water and lower carbon footprint to make paper board cartons.