Official Skincare Partner - alche{me}

Bespoke & conscious skincare brand, alche{me} offers personalized formulations to address your unique skin needs. 

Co-founders, Tuyen Lamy and Constance Mandefield - together more than a decade of experience in the skincare industry, at renowned global brands - were inspired to develop alche{me} by listening to women who were questioning their tedious & complicated skin care regimen. "Our brand was born out of the belief that our skincare routine could be made simple and effective, if products were tailored to each person’s unique needs. That’s why each bottle is formulated individually, to ensure that every ingredient that goes on your skin is exactly what you need." explain Tuyen and Constance. 

Every aspect of the alche{me} journey has been thoughtfully planned to bring every woman the very best of what she actually needs, while considering our environmental footprint:


  • By only including the extracts that address each individual's  specific skin needs, we are not drawing on unnecessary resources;

  • By innovating processes capable of creating fresh and on-demand solutions, we are only producing in the quantities required;

  • By investing in accurate digital analysis and a cutting-edge online service to deliver to your door, we are reducing our carbon footprint.