We Dance: Ecstatic Dance

We Dance: Ecstatic Dance


We Dance: Ecstatic Dance

Zen Garden


TIME: 1.30pm - 2.30pm

Ecstatic dance is perhaps one of the purest forms of movement you might experience in your life. It is a style of free form dance in which the music is the only teacher. There is no structure or steps to follow or any particular way to dance. Let your body move exactly how it wants to move and express your creative self. 

 In 2018, Gustav, Helena and Annelaure, decided to bring ecstatic dance to Singapore. From there, the community of ecstatic dancers has been growing month after month. By partnering with Stage 6, Singapore wellness co-living space for innovators committed to transformation, Gustav, Helena and Anne-Laure have decided to bring We Dance to the next level. 

Come move freely at the Body Tent with WeDance crew, Anne-Laure, Bamse and Helena as they take you through a magical transformational journey with Ecstatic Dance!