Inch Chua

Inch Chua


Inch Chua

Theatre & Dance Pavilion


Born and raised in Singapore, Inch has made a career as an international recording and performing artist. Her passion for the arts, wild places, and technology was laid forth at university, where she practiced as a painter. She failed gloriously at it and the meltdown that followed somehow led her directly to music as her medium of expression and comfort.

Since then, Inch has played at numerous festivals around the world, opened for the likes of Charlie Puth and Vampire Weekend, and dabbled in multidisciplinary art making. An appreciator of good gin, random animal factoids and dense film essays, Inch is also currently a tireless student of the ocarina.



She will be showcasing her collaboration with Andy Yang, on a sonic art experiment with peculiar instruments of upcycled materials; a tapestry of sounds, sonic textures, spoken word and music.