My Heart On Me (MHOM)

My Heart On Me (MHOM)


My Heart On Me (MHOM)

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My Heart On Me (MHOM) provides a casual yet deep conversation that helps people think about slowing down, through therapeutic body art.  It is an avenue for anyone to feel and be empowered through deeper relationships and continuous breakthrough. Their experiences are organically designed to sow hope, and love back into the hands of everyday people.

They offer three social experiences namely, Workshops (Body Art/a selection of personal development card games), Online Coaching (For Individuals/Huddle Groups/Couples), and Open Community Events (which are shorter versions of workshops). 

My Heart On Me is a global community that encourages us to cultivate empathy as second nature.

Furthermore, they celebrate and advocate the ability to engage with holistic wellness. They believe that through wholehearted living, and actively engaging our minds to view life through the eyes of another, you can begin to find contentment and connection in a diverse world.



My Heart On Me believes asking the right questions and listening is an art form. Through art, and non-agenda conversations,  memories, experiences, thoughts, fears, hopes, and dreams can be revealed and unpacked to show who we are created to be. During Garden Beats, they will invite the public to engage with them through meaningful conversations and therapeutic body art painting.