The Illustrious Blacks

The Illustrious Blacks


The Illustrious Blacks

Sunshine Stage

The Illustrious Blacks describes their origins in galactic terms where an “inexplicable ultramagnetic pull” brought two kings of separate planets, Manchildblack and Monstah Black together. 

Their mission is fusing futuristic funk, hypnotic house, space disco and synth pop into pulsating positivity for the planet. Channeling the glamour of Prince, David Bowie and Grace Jones through their music, Manchildblack’s exquisite vocals and strong messages combined with Monstah Black’s stunning performances filled with gender-bending fashion and spacey persona often leave their audience hypnotised.

In 2017, they released their highly anticipated debut EP Neo Afro Futuristic Psychedelic Surrealistic Hippy, featuring a series of high energy, thought provoking singles. Their music video, ‘Black Like Jesus’ later premiered on In the same year, the duo found time to work on a remake of the 90s dance floor classic ‘Funk That!’ which bolstered together with subsequent singles such as the euphoric ‘Revolutionary Love’ and latest dance floor filler ‘The Void (Let the Music Set U Free)’. 

As the world took notice, the dynamic duo found themselves touring worldwide and garnering international fame. They soon dominated respected venues in NYC like Central Park Summerstage, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, The Shed, Joe’s Pub and performed opening sets for respected artists like Lalah Hathaway, Nakhane and Cupcakke.

Individually, Monstah Black and Manchildblack illuminate the galaxy with equal magnitude. Together, as The Illustrious Blacks, they combine their powers and metamorphosed into supernovas, blazing through the Milky Way like a comet, with their own unique brand of cosmic freak nobility and inspiring all to #LiveTheHypeLife.

Get ready as this dynamic duo blows your mind at the Sunshine Stage!